HILO-052: Vanessa Sinclair + Jillian Street/Damages – Future Moon

We are happy to announce the release of a brand new collaboration between Vanessa Sinclair + Jillian Street/ Damages Future Moon available as a limited edition CD boxset from Highbrow Lowlife + Trapart Editions. 

Future Moon

Sinclair & Street/Damages

This album joins the creative talents of American poet Vanessa Sinclair and American sound artist Jillian Street (in cooperation with well-renowned experimental outfit Damages). Recorded during 2020 in Sweden and the US, this album shows the unique and magical power of musical merging. Street’s & Damages’ remarkable sound structures jump, skip, soothe and disturb, while forcefully embracing Sinclair’s intimate and psychic cut-up poetry. This album grabs you by body & soul and won’t let go until you’re thoroughly shaken to pierced pieces and sensual shards. When you come out of it, you will want to jump head first right back in – into the sizzling hot pool of these creative artists’ power-packing punch pieces. On the surface it may be a nice and floating sensation… But what happens when you take a real dive and keep swimming under the surface…? Crank up the volume and find out!

Highbrow Lowlife HILO-052, 2020. LIMITED EDITION: CD, information sheet, four photographs of the artists, and a unique cut-up collage by Vanessa Sinclair (signed by the artist). Strictly limited to 12 boxed copies.