Vanessa Sinclair + Akoustik Timbre Frekuency: The chapel is empty

Sinclair & ATF 

Vanessa Sinclair & Akoustik Timbre Frekuency: “The Chapel Is Empty

A brand new collaboration between British sound sorcerer Akoustik Timbre Frekuency and American artist/poet Vanessa Sinclair takes us into evocative vistas of vibration and revelation. Sinclair’s words and sensual voice sometimes floats on top of ATF’s sea of sounds, and sometimes submerges itself to challenge us from the depths. The magic lies in the words, in the performance and in the stripped honesty of Sinclair’s subconscious contacts. The merging of these two talents creates a listening experience that completely defies times and space; one that is eager to tell you stories and convey emotions that perhaps don’t really exist anywhere else than in the listener’s mind…Who’s to say? Who’s to tell? The chapel may be empty, as Sinclair’s poetry suggests, but it’s definitely waiting to be filled again. And this is what it sounds like.

The standard edition consists of one CD, one information sheet, one double-sided cut-up by Vanessa Sinclair, and two photographs (of the artists), assembled in a special Highbrow Lowlife envelope. This version is limited to 24 numbered copies.

The deluxe edition contains the same items as the standard edition, plus three additional photographs (of the artists), plus one unique cut-up signed by Vanessa Sinclair. All of these items are housed in a sturdy and elegant box. This version is limited to 12 numbered copies.

A collaboration with Trapart Editions (catalog number HILO-046)

Deluxe edition CD box set