Cotton Ferox: Spiral Assembly Lines (2023)

Cotton Ferox: Spiral Assembly Lines

”Spiral Assembly Lines” collects singles and EPs from Swedish electronica/spoken word duo Cotton Ferox (2000-2018). These were released in the early to mid-2010s, and show the versatile dynamism of members Carl Abrahamsson and Thomas Tibert. Roaming from dark electronica, over spoken word dreaminess, to structured pop compositions, these tracks reflect the open-minded attitudes as well as the sublime production values of Cotton Ferox. The four final tracks of this release feature the vocal talent of Elisabeth Punzi (ex Whipped Cream) and were originally released under the project name ”The Mushroom Clouds.” 

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released July 21, 2023 

Music by Thomas Tibert 
Words & vocals by Carl Abrahamsson 
Vocals on tracks 8-11 by Elisabeth Punzi 

Recorded, mixed and produced at The Reality Studio, Stockholm, by Carl Abrahamsson & Thomas Tibert. Published by Interzone Music Publishing Ltd/Freibank. C & P Highbrow Lowlife 2023.