Welcome to Radio Mega Golem: a transmission for and from the Mega Golem – the artwork created by Carl Abrahamsson in 2009, and which has since been partially added to by a number of other artists.

EPISODE 2: ”History Is A Composite Genome”

This particular episode is full of history. How and why did I give birth to the Mega Golem? What happened? Who contributed to its psycho-biological construction, and where are we at today? If history is nothing but a composite genome, how will our conscious interactions in the study of the Mega Golem play out? Are we in fact creating a self-sustaining feedback loop in which the Mega Golem is now already constructing us?

For more background information about the Mega Golem project, please read:

Carl Abrahamsson: Reasonances (Scarlet Imprint, 2014)

Carl Abrahamsson: Occulture – The Unseen Forces That Drive Culture Forward (Park Street Press, 2018)

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