The Mega Golem Womanual is released!

We are happy to announce that The Mega Golem: A Womanual for All Times and Spaces is out! The FIRST book featuring Vanessa Sinclair’s collages as the illustrations. Text and photographs by Carl Abrahamsson. Visit Trapart for details.

The Mega Golem
A Womanual for all Times and Spaces

Carl Abrahamsson (ed.)

An anthology volume celebrating a decade of occult mischief by the “Mega Golem.” Originally conceived by Swedish author Carl Abrahamsson as a “quantum quilt” project that artists and magicians can contribute to, the Mega Golem now has a life of its own. Whether its parts and abilities are known and tangible or secret and ethereal, the impact of its presence is undeniable. It weaves a special kind of magic for the 21st century, in and through art and talismanic approaches.

Is this being invisible? Indivisible? Invincible? Intangible? Whose desires and dreams are incorporated in the sinews and cells of this benign mutation of our inertly causal culture? The Mega Golem is the poetic transcendence of expected transgression, and as such a psychosexual embrace from behind the front-lines. Free for all, and dreams made flesh! This first Mega Golem book collects ideas, theories and artworks that all constitute its first incarnation. This book is therefore nothing less than a Magical Womanual for any and all who are willing to believe wholeheartedly in the disbelief of psychic prestidigitation and its many emotional pitfalls.

With contributions by Carl Abrahamsson, Vanessa Sinclair, Kadmus Herschel, Gabriel McCaughry and others.

Trapart Books, 2021, 8,5 x 8,5” paperback, with colour illustrations, 84 pages.