Highbrow Lowlife will start working together with Trapart Books, Films & Editions when it comes to physical products. As we’ve been producing digital releases for quite some time now, the urge to have tangible products has increased greatly. Old school is the future!

The products/versions will not merely be standard releases of CDs etc. Working together with Trapart means that the physical releases will be noteworthy and highly enjoyable beyond the mere listening pleasure. Artwork, photographs, and objects will be added for both the standard and limited/deluxe versions, something that will increase the tactile pleasure even more.

First to see/hear the light of day is “The Chapel Is Empty” by Vanessa Sinclair and Akoustik Timbre Frekuency. It’s one of our finest releases to date, and a great team-up of these amazing talents on the ambient/spoken word scene.

This album will not be released digitally/online until much later. Instead, all focus should be on an experience of listening pleasure that is hopefully more focussed than merely pressing play on some online streaming service. We want the HILO experience to be immersive, impressive and inspiring. The collaboration with Trapart will greatly facilitate that jump.

Please check out what TRAPART is all about!