Highbrow Lowlife is a digital label run by Carl Abrahamsson and Thomas Tibert. Having made music together since the late 1980s in various forms and sizes, they decided to come to terms with contemporary demands and therefore set up a digital HQ.

The first stage will be to establish a presence with archival material and, slightly parallel to that, make new music in different projects and constellations. There will be physical products as well, both CDs and vinyl.

Highbrow Lowlife is the home of Cotton Ferox, White Stains, The Mushroom Clouds, Sinnelag, Understen and others. Other acts, artists, bands and projects are welcome too.

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If you are interested in being on the label, collaborating, remixing, having something remixed, production work, songwriting etc, always feel free to contact info@highbrow-lowlife.com

Please note: Thomas Tibert DJs as "DJ Bongolized" and is also a very skilled audio mastering person. Please contact him directly at: tibbe93@gmail.com

Carl Abrahamsson and Thomas Tibert are published by Interzone/Freibank.