What have we been up to lately? And our friends? Join us – Vanessa Sinclair & Carl Abrahamsson – as we talk about what’s been going in terms of input and output!

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Link to talk given by Vanessa at a conference in St. Louis hosted by psychoanalyst/ psychiatrist Todd Dean, October 2012. Many thanks to Paola Mieli of Apres-coup for supporting this work.

Link to New Books in Psychoanalysis interview on On Psychoanalysis and Violence: Contemporary Lacanian Perspectives with Manya Steinkoler hosted by Tracy Morgan.

New track Move On 23 by Carl and Vanessa for Sombre Soniks release Transcend, Transmute, Kreate.

Mother Have a Safe Trip, The Fenris Wolf and other previously sold out Trapart Books now available!

Carl has uploaded Change Itself: An Art Apart portrait of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, as well as films about Swedish photographer Lars Sundestrand and beloved musician Freddie Wadling for free viewing on YouTube.

We celebrated the one year anniversary of our conference Re-Writing the Future: 100 Years of Esoteric Modernism & Psychoanalysis by uploading Carl’s panel with Ethan Clarke given at Brunnenburg Castle June 1, 2019.

Check out the work of Nell Latimer, Ragged Lion Press, Billy Chainsaw, Hellebore zine, Psychedelic Press.

We support Black Lives Matter and the uprising in America. It’s time for real systemic change. Individually, we can all work on ourselves by working with our ancestors, doing work to heal our family lines and developing relationship to the land we’re on.

I recommend getting an ancestor reading with Tayannah Lee McQuillar and following her work. Also recommend Honoring Your Ancestors by Mallorie Vaudoise.

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